LadyloveLux works to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. Ladylovelux respects the privacy rights of our online visitors and regards highly, the importance of protecting private and personal information collected. Our privacy policy guides how we collect, store and use the information taken from you.

Personal info collected

Ladylovelux will collect and control the personal data you submit to us. To register an account and use the site, we require your first and last name, a valid email address, phone number, home address, and shipping and billing addresses. 

How we use your personal data

We may use your personal data for the following purposes:
• To create and manage your personal account at Ladylovelux
• To process your orders and returns via our online services
• To send text message notifications of delivery status
• To contact you in the event of any problems with the delivery of your items
• To answer your queries and to inform you of new or changed services
• To send marketing offers such as newsletters and catalogues
• To manage your account by carrying out credit checks
• To make analyses in order to provide you with relevant marketing offers and information
• To send you surveys in order to give you a possibility to influence our offer and services
• To test and improve our systems by which the services are provided
• To prevent misuse or improper use of our services

We will keep your data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes above or for as long as we are required by law. After this your personal data will be deleted.

How we store and use your Information

Ladylovelux stores your information at our office in London and also on all the computers used by the Ladylovelux team where ever they may be. We may use your personal information for making and receiving payments and managing your account. Your personal info may also be checked with credit agencies to prevent fraud and when legally necessary, we may disclose your information to a relevant regulatory body. We may also use your information to send you marketing updates, but only if you are in agreement with this. We do gather information about statistics and site traffic, but your personal details will never be passed on. At all times, you may choose to opt out of receiving marketing emails and/or phone texts from

We never pass on, sell or swap your data for marketing purposes to third parties outside the Ladylovelux team. Data that is forwarded to third parties, is only used to provide you with the services mentioned above, for example shipping agents in connection with the delivery of goods, media agencies for distribution of newsletter and credit reference or debt collection agencies for the purpose of credit rating checks, identity checks and debt collection.

Your privacy rights and how to manage your personal information

You can always sign in to “my account” section and change or review your personal information. You and the team at Ladylovelux will have access to your personal data using your password and ID.

You can always change or delete saved credit card details.

You have the right to request a copy of the information about the personal data we hold on you at any time (free of charge once a year). If your data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can ask to have the information corrected or removed. We cannot remove your data when there is a legal storage requirement, such as book-keeping rules or when there are other legitimate grounds to keep the data, such as unsettled debts. You can withdraw your consent to us using the data for marketing purposes at any time. You can contact us either by sending a letter to

Contacting us

If you have any questions or feedback about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like us to stop processing your information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Ladylovelux team, who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Controller of data

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